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Driving Hotel Revenues

Driving Hotel Revenues is an online course where you will develop a comprehensive knowledge base related to three key areas of hospitality marketing and sales:
- Distribution Channels
- Revenue Management
- E-Marketing and Social Media



Week 1 to 5 Distribution strategy:
- Introduction to distribution
- Introduction to hotel distribution
- Distribution channel management
- Distribution channel: direct booking
- Distribution channel: direct sale
- Channel performance fundamentals
- Channel performance fundamentals
- Distribution channel challenges
- Hotel distribution: challenges and solutions
- Final assessment
Week 6 to 10 Revenue Management
- What is Revenue Management?
- Pricing strategy
- Forecasting
- Overbooking
- Inventory allocation and capacity control
- Group request management
- Revenue management implementation
- Latest trends in revenue management
- Final assessment
Week 11 to 15 E-Marketing & Social Media:
- Seeing the big picture of digital marketing
- Building a strong brand with content marketing
- Social media, user-generated content, and digital performance
- Digital marketing challenges and what’s next
- Final assessment


Learning Outcomes

Distribution Strategy

  • Describe the scope of distribution management and its challenges
  • Illustrate consumer expectations and behavior across distribution channels
  • Describe market segments across distribution channels
  • Define how distribution channel value is evaluated and make decisions
  • Identify key issues and challenges of distribution management
  • Recognize the need to utilize data and insights for marketing strategies


Revenue Management

  • Apply different methods to forecast future demand
  • Identify new data sources and conduct a comprehensive data analysis
  • Distinguish between revenue optimization and revenue generation
  • Evaluate hotel performance using KPIs

  • Discuss the key trends in revenue management for hospitality businesses


Digital Marketing & Social Media Strategies

  • Apply market segmentation techniques

  • Interpret digital marketing analytics to distinguish customers
  • Develop strategies for customer relationship management
  • Explain the key issues and challenges of digital marketing
  • Integrate digital marketing with traditional marketing activities



Program Overview

  • Delivered Online
  • Length 15 weeks
  • Effort 8 - 10 hours/week
  • Language English
  • Level Advanced
  • Prerequisite Hospitality experience
  • Price -10%: CHF 5,940
    CHF 6,600
  • Certificate EHL Advanced Certificate
  • Start dates 9 September 2019

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Meet your instructor


Cindy Heo

Dr. Cindy Heo

Assistant Professor
Revenue Management


Dr. Elisa Chan

Assistant Professor


Dr. Hillary Murphy

Digital Marketing


Scott Dahl

Senior Lecturer
Revenue Management