Hospitality Economics
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Hospitality Economics

Hospitality Economics focuses on applying economic principles to analyze the hospitality industry. You will learn how to use rigorous economic theories and models to analyze the functioning of the hospitality industry and its current trends. We will focus on micro-foundations and analyze the impact of the hospitality industry on the aggregate economy.



Week 1 Economic fundamentals
Introduction to Micro economics
The Hospitality Industry
Week 2 Microeconomics and the hospitality industry
Price discrimination
Game theory
Asymmetric information
Two sided-markets
Week 3 Macroeconomics and the hospitality industry
Good markets and Fiscal Policy
Financial markets and Monetary Policy
Week 4 Empirical analysis
Week 5 Final assessment


Learning Outcomes

  • Understand and analyze the economic workings and the economic environment of a wide range of hospitality businesses
  • Identify the structure of the market in which your firm operates and define your optimal pricing strategies
  • Understand how different economic incentives affect agents’ behavior and thus how to interact with your competitors on the market



Program Overview

  • Delivered Online
  • Length 5 weeks
  • Effort 8 - 10 hours/week
  • Language English
  • Level Beginner
  • Prerequisite Hospitality experience
  • Price CHF 2,200
  • Certificate Certificate of Achievement
  • Start dates 11 November 2019
    Q1 2020

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Lecture Videos
Interactive Exercises
Reading & Case Studies
Final Assessment

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Dr. Isabella Blengini

Assistant Professor