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Mastering Hotel Financials

In this Advanced Certificate program, you will examine three intersecting areas of the hospitality financial landscape: financial statements analysis, budgeting and forecasting, and advanced corporate finance.



Week 1 to 5 Financial Analysis Statements:
- Financial reporting
- Focus on assets
- Focus on liabilities and shareholders’ equity
- Cash flow analysis
- Liquidity and solvency analysis
- Profitability analysis
- Costs and decision-making
- Final assessment
Week 6 to 10 Budgeting & Forecasting:
- Planning methodologies
- Managing the planning process
- Benchmarking
- Metrics and benchmarking for hotels
- Competitor analysis and STR reports
- Budget preparation
- Budgetary control
- Cash management
- Cash budgeting
- Final assessment
Week 11 to 15 Corporate Finance:
- Capital structure considerations
- Raising debt financing
- Raising equity financing
- Corporate valuation
- Mergers and acquisitions
- Private equity investing
- Risk management
- Final assessment


Learning Outcomes

Financial Analysis Statements

  • Translate transactions into financial statements
  • Review financial reporting process and standards
  • Build a cash flow statements and analyze company financials using ratios
  • Review ratio analysis, common-size analysis and cross-sectional analysis
  • Analyze profitability using EPS, margins, ROA, ROE ratios and hospitality related metrics


Budgeting & Forecasting

  • Recognize hospitality industry analytics using the STR methodology
  • Perform competitive analysis, market analysis and segmentation analysis
  • Use data analysis to forecast future performance for a geographic market, a hotel category, or an individual property
  • Describe the main reasons for budgeting and long-term business planning
  • Distinguish between the different elements of a budget and a long-term business plan at the departmental, property, and corporate level


Advanced Corporate Finance

  • Explain and critique corporate finance decisions
  • Analyze capital structure decisions and the process of raising debt and equity
  • Explain processes for hospitality mergers and acquisitions
  • Recognize drivers for investment into public and listed hospitality companies
  • Identify and manage key financial risks faced by hospitality companies


Program Overview

  • Delivered Online
  • Length 15 weeks
  • Effort 8 - 10 hours/week
  • Language English
  • Level Advanced
  • Prerequisite Hospitality experience
  • Price -10%: CHF 5,940
    CHF 6,600
  • Certificate EHL Advanced Certificate
  • Start dates 19 August 2018
    Q1 2020

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Meet your instructors



Stéphane Haddad

Senior Lecturer

Cédric Poretti

Dr. Cédric Poretti

Assistant Professor, Accounting


Philip Bacon

Senior Lecturer