What is a 5-week online course?

The 5-week online courses are composed of:
- four weeks of course content
- one week for the final assessment
The courses are composed of recorded videos, interactive exercices, case studies and executive interviews. The course is delivered fully online allowing participants to study when they want.

What is a 15-week online course?

The 15-week online courses are a bundle of 3 x 5-week online course, part of the same subject. For instance, "Driving Hotel Revenues" is composed of three 5-week online courses: Distribution Strategy, Revenue Management and Digital Marketing.

How does the enrollment process work?

There is no admissions requirement to enroll to our online programs. To enroll, chose a program and an intake on our website. You will then be required to fill in your personal details and select a method of payment (credit card, bank transfer or PayPal). Enrollment will be confirmed upon receipt of payment.

What is the final assessment?

At the end of each 5-week course, participants are required to take a final assessment. Upon successfully passsing the assessment, participants get a certificate of completion.

Depending on the course, the assessment may range from multiple choice quizzes (MCQ), where only one answer is correct, to more open response evaluations, like a case study.

To successfully pass the assessment, participants must get a minimum of 60% of the total points available. You can either PASS or FAIL a certificate, no numerical grades will be officially reflected in the certificate.

Feedback will be provided in relation to your performance in the final assessment in order to enable you to think critically about your work and to reflect on possible improvements. The feedback is provided via EHL Digital Platform directly.

Retakes are not available at the end of a program if you fail the final assessment. If you wish to retake the final assessment, you need to re-enroll for the next available session.

What is the cost of an online course?

5-week courses are CHF 2,200.
15-week courses are CHF 5,940*
*includes a 10% discount (CHF 5,940 instead of CHF 6,600).

Do you offer discounts?

Our pricing is based on volume. 15-week courses include a 10% discount.
AEHL members are entitled to an additional discount. Please contact us for more information.

Can companies benefit from corporate rates?

We offer corporate rates for organisations wishing to enroll three or more employees. Please contact us for a personal quote.

Do you offer EHL Alumni rates?

For EHL Alumni who are AEHL members can beneift from Alumni rate. Please contact us for more information.

Is the content delivered in the online courses related to EHL's MBA program?

Yes, the program content delivered in the online certificates leverages the content of EHL's MBA in Hospitality programs

Can I obtain an MBA degree if I complete an online course?

Not directly. Participants who have enrolled and paid for a 15-week online course, and who wish to join the MBA program, will get a discount on the MBA tuition and fee . In order to join the MBA program, participants must go through an application process in order to join the MBA program. Participants will have to retake all courses to obtain the credits towards the MBA degree.